Achived Black Belt in White TIger Kenpo, Co-Founder of THe Training Mat, Dogbrother

  • Achieved Black Belt in White Tiger Kenpo, 2001
  • Co-Founder of THE TRAINING MAT, 2005
  • Became full Dog Brother and given name “Fu Dog”, 2010

Mr. O'Dell

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    • Training and teaching White Tiger Kenpo since 1984
    • Awarded “Student of the Decade”, 1990 through 2000
    • Achieved Black Belt in White Tiger Kenpo, 2001
    • Co-Founder of THE TRAINING MAT, 2005
    • Became full Dog Brother and given name “Fu Dog”, 2010
    • Taught Weapon tactics at Team Quest, as part of Black Knife R&D, 2012
    • Currently attending college and pursuing a degree in Pedagogy

Certifications in

  • Certified Personal Trainer through 24 Hour Fitness (2005)
  • ISSA (International Sports Science Association, 2005)
  • NCSF (National Council of Strength and Fitness, 2005)
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2005)
  • APEX (Nutrition and Fitness group, 2005)
  • Dog Brothers Martial Arts School Program, California State Director
  • CPR and First Aid certified

Participated in


  • International Chinese Koushu Championships, San Francisco (2001)
  • Bok Fu Do Invitational, San Francisco (2002)
  • Long Beach International, Kenpo forms and self defense techniques (2004)
  • Over 25 Full-Contact stick fights (Dog Brothers) since 2005
  • 3 – 0 Amateur kickboxing record (first fight at 38 years of age)

Taught by

  • Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny, Co-Founder and Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers, in Full Contact Stickfighting, DBMA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts)
  • Mike Nagano, 5th Degree Black Belt, in Kajukenbo
  • Grandmaster James Ibrao, first Kenpo Black Belt under Ed Parker, in Jun Bao
  • “Smoken” Joe Sarkissian, 3 time title holder, in kickboxing
  • Lorenzo Rodriguez, 1970s kickboxing champ, in kickboxing
  • Bart Vale, founder of Shootfighting and 8th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, in Shootfighting
  • Marc

    Hosted or attended seminars by

    • Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny, Co-Founder of the Dog Brothers, annually since 2008
    • Sifu Lester Griffin, original Dog Brother and UFC judge
    • Mike Nagano, 5th degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo
    • “Superfoot” Bill Wallace, 1970s kickboxing champ and contributing columnist to Black Belt Magazine
    • Grandmaster James Ibrao, first Kenpo Black Belt under Ed Parker
    • Great Grandmaster Al Tracy, student of Ed Parker and founder of the Tracy system of Kenpo
    • Bart Vale, 8th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and founder of Shootfighting
    • Attended seminars by Mike Swain (Judo throws), Dan Severn (Roman Greco wrestling), “Judo” Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan (Judo/Grappling) during Black Belt Magazines 1st Annual Martial Art Convention, 2001
    • Attended Dog Brothers Seminars annually since 2005
    • Felix Valencia, specialist in FMA and Knife Fighting and FMA.
    • Jesse Marez Grappling Clinic, 2008
    • Josh Barnett Grappling Clinic, Heavy weight MMA Champion, 2009
    • Kenny Johnson, wrestling coach and trainer to several UFC champions, 2011
    • Grandmaster Art Gonzalez, Knife fighting, 2012
  • Marc

    Seminars conducted

    • Rape Prevention for local women’s clubs, 1990s
    • End of year functions for local schools, annually since 2007
    • Self Defense Seminar, 24 Hour Fitness, 2007, 2009
    • Dad’s Day at the Park, 2007
    • Defensive Tactics (street application) Workshop, 2008
    • Youth Summit, 2008
    • Girl Scouts, 2011
    • Easter Family Event, 2012

In addition to Martial Arts

  • “Vineman” Half Triathlon (Men’s Relay, 2nd Place, 1991)
  • “The Ride Around the Bear” (100mi bicycle ride from the base of Big Bear, to the summit and then back down, 1990, 1991)
  •  “The Grand Tour” in Malibu (200mi bicycle ride, 1990)
  • “The Tour of Two Forests” (218mi, through 2 mountain passes, 1990)
  • “The Markleeville Death Ride” (200mi bicycle ride through 5 mountain passes, 1991. Only ride I never finished)
  • “The Tough Mudder” 12mi obstacle course on the slopes of Big Bear (2011)
  • “Mission Inn Half Marathon” (2011)
  • Las Vegas Urban Adventure Race (2012)
  • “The Tough Mudder” Vail Lake (2012)
  • Long Beach Marathon (2012)
  • Mission Inn Half Marathon (2012)
  • In association with

    • Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA) and Dog Brothers School Program (DBMA SP)
    • Scientific Wrestling (CSW)
    • Inland Empire Chapter of old school “Toe Hold Club”
    • Mark Hatmaker’s ESP system (Extreme Self Protection)
    • MMA Vidcast



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